Sunday, 29 July 2012


According to some members of an alumni group concerned about the selection of a new principal for Father Duenas High School, the proposal of Fr. Eric Forbes, O.F.M. as principal was passed over due to the Archbishop's preference that the school be administered by a religious order.

Apparently one of the religious orders currently considering taking over the administration of "FD" is a Dominican order from the Philippines.

However, one of the main reasons Father Duenas High School was reportedly established was to help build a base for the recruitment of young men to the priesthood for the needs of the island of Guam, and, the alumni argue, it only makes sense that local clergy or a local religious order be given first preference to operate the school.

In response to the Archbishop's expressed desire that the school be administered by a religious order, one alumni member has reported that Fr. Joseph English, O.F.M, the Vice-Provincial of Vice-Province of Star of the Sea for Guam and Hawaii Capuchins, has approached the Archbishop with an offer for the Capuchins to take over the administration of the school.

Currently, Fr. Jeff San Nicolas has been appointed Principal in the interim.

As of  July 30, 2012, there is no further news. Be sure to check back.

EXTRA: Here is a link to a blog post re Fr. Eric Forbes' 20th anniversary of his ordination

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Archdiocese of Guam Remains Opposed to Obamacare Because Mandate Still Funds Contraception

Reposted from the Pacific News Center Guam- The Catholic Church is against a mandate in Obamacare that automatically funds contraceptive and sterilization services through health care premiums. The church is concerned that come August 1, all catholic institutions not covered by a religious exemption will be required to include these services in its employee health care coverage. Father Frances Walsh explains the church is concerned because this Obamacare mandate blurs the line between church and state. “What the Catholic Church is concerned about is the fact that the Obama administration is attempting to collapse the distinction between state and society” said Walsh. “It is claiming total potentiality that it has a right to control all of the institutions in the society that puts limits on the state.” He added, “Contraception separates sex from procreation and in doing that, it distorts the whole meaning of human sexuality. The other issue is sterilization. Sterilization is another form of contraception.” The Catholic Church on Guam must find out how Obamacare affects local insurance providers and if it will drop insurance coverage to stay within its beliefs.

Friday, 6 July 2012

FROM CHIESA NEWS: The Mutineers of the Barque of Peter

The Mutineers of the Barque of Peter
With the leaking of confidential documents, the pact of loyalty that binds together the members of the Vatican curia has been broken. The consultations for a change of government have begun. A letter from the pope to Cardinal Bertone HERE

This appears to be a response to this:

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Leaks confirm ambivalence about Neocatechumenal Way


Both a brand new Vatican leak, and one contained in the avalanche of secret documents already published by an Italian journalist, depict deep ambivalence among the pope’s most senior aides about the controversial lay movement the Neocatechumenal Way. MORE